The Our Ultimate Reality Reviews

What is the genuine idea of the real world? How do our thoughts of self reality and profound reality impact our conduct and how we connect with others? In Gian Kumar’s third book, the strongly intriguing and provocative take a gander at reality that he’s titled The Ultimate Reality, the writer takes an inside and out investigation into what “experiential mindfulness” is, and into what a definitive the truth is for every one of us.

Kumar’s past two books demonstrated that, regardless of material and computerized comforts on the planet today, we are as yet carrying on with an actual existence made up of dualities, for example, joy/misery, great/awful, God/fallen angel, all of which exist one next to the other. Notwithstanding when we pursue the otherworldly lessons of masters or different sorts of “experts” at introducing life exercises or profound realities, we don’t pick up the comfort we woefully want. Despite everything we encounter the inclination that there is something missing in our lives.

The brain, with its consistent babble and propensity for digging into past encounters and tensions about the future, does not enable us to live right now and know in the ‘now’. When our psyche can enroll it, there is as of now another ‘now’ which has had its spot.

In The Ultimate Reality, Gian Kumar conveys us to an acknowledgment about what the more profound presence is that we are looking for. Through experiential acknowledgment and higher cognizance, we can unify the two boundaries, and at last understand a feeling of unity with the universe.

As the writer states in his presentation: “This book and my past books investigate the account of life in the majority of its contemporary and logical viewpoints, in regard to self-learning, cognizance and unity, while supporting old methods of insight and along these lines noting any inquiry one may have about presence.”

He likewise composes that “The motivation behind this book is to make you mindful of material acknowledgment through self-information, self-acknowledgment through mindfulness and experiential acknowledgment through living in solidarity and unity.”

Presently, that may appear to be a ton to anticipate from one book, however Gian Kumar conveys through 19 parts and goes into numerous themes that will help lead perusers to a condition of experiential acknowledgment and a more noteworthy self-learning.

One of my most loved parts is Chapter 18, which is titled “Self Knowledge.” In it, Kumar composes such fascinating useful tidbits as: “recall forget: the substance of any idea, from the past or present, is the aggregate of your mindfulness, however mindfulness is free of both. Like a gold trimming that is liquefied down or the wave on a sea that can travel every which way, the gold and the sea remain.”

Another statement that I truly enjoyed from this part is: “by and large profoundly stirred is a deception except if you live minute to minute, in such unadulterated learning with the knowing nearness of familiarity with your identity.”

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